Shapeshifter Yoga Review: Does This Yoga Program Really Work?

Shapeshifter Yoga Review

My honest Shapeshifter Yoga review today unveils the truth about Shapeshifter Yoga program, a thorough method that guides you how to do yoga and reshape your body and gain a better life.

What is ShapeShifter Yoga Program?

Shapeshifter Yoga Review
Shapeshifter Yoga Review


Shapeshifter Yoga is a program that takes its inspiration from mainstream Yoga. The program is the brainchild of Kris Fondran, a Yoga teacher for more than twelve years. But according to her, it was later in her life that she came across yoga.

Kris has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, and when she discovered Yoga, she immediately recognized the potential of Yoga. She claims that Yoga is the reason she was able to slow herself down, and actually realize that the answer was not to try harder but to slow down, and create a flow for a better body.

After discovering Yoga, Kris leveraged her Fitness background and devised a program for herself. She realized the potential of her program and start sharing it with a few select clients. Seeing good results of her program, she decided to make it available for all, and that became the ShapeShifter Program that benefits thousands of people across the Globe Today.

ShapeShifter Yoga Program takes a unique approach towards shaping your body and does so by making it an accessible and practical option for everyone, even the people who find it hard to make time for themselves.

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How does Shapeshifter Yoga work?

Through her exercise education and yoga experiences, Kris has made an easy-to-follow yoga routine she calls “flows”.

Kris tested just one of her yoga flows and discovered that 10 minutes of her yoga burns the same calories as jogging!

Since the flows incorporate your whole body, you can calmly burn fat and re-shape your body while increasing flexibility and strength. Some examples of yoga pose used are:

* Cobra Pose to tighten triceps and tone shoulders

* Boat Pose to improve digestion and sculpt abs

* Equestrian Pose to strengthen glutes and give you the coveted “yoga butt”

* Hand to Foot Pose to increase back flexibility

Shapeshifter Yoga is easy to understand and follow. The methods laid out in the program are a form of yoga that has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world.

The program is intended for normal everyday people, but can also benefit athletes and people who are already very healthy. Shapeshifter Yoga comes with:

The Quick Start Manual Video – Get started quickly with this introduction to each pose in the classical yoga style called “long form”

The Pose Library – Kris walks you through 34 different poses, telling you when to breath and where to feel the activated muscles

The Program Video – Kris links the poses together into a routine lasting over an hour!

The Everyday Flow Follow-Along Video – Kris shows you total-body workouts in less than 10 minutes using the poses you’ve already mastered! For maximum fast results, you should do two flows per day, three days per week.

“At A Glance” Wall Charts – One chart with all poses used in the program to keep you motivated, one chart with all poses used in the Shapeshifter Everyday Flow

Yoga Pose Manual – Step-by-step guide to all poses used in the program


Pros and Cons of Shapeshifter Yoga:

* This is a very reliable fat burning program, which has been tested by men and women alike and has shown fast results.

* There is almost no pain because this is closer to yoga than it is to endurance training

* It’s made for easy access and use, and formatted assuming that the user doesn’t have too much time to dedicate straight to fitness

* The presentation of the program is phenomenal.

Shapeshifter Yoga Review – Cons:

There are hidden costs: You will need a yoga outfit, and potentially a yoga mat. These are not mandatory, but they are pretty standard.

* The fat burning is slightly slower than intense training…because it’s not intense training.

* As any workout routine, yo need commitment in order to get your best results. This isn’t a pill you pop in the morning and come back at night a few pounds lighter.

Why is the Shapeshifter Yoga Effective?

Kris Fondren’s shapeshifter yoga is effective for everyone, especially for women who are looking for an alternative to cardio and jogging. This program is designed for beginners with awareness in mind that everything you need as she has a degree in exercise science.

Shapeshifter yoga review proves that this yoga practice improves your overall strength and balance and flexible body strength.

Shapeshifter Yoga program gives you a full head start on the wellness world with professional instructions on the basics and a focus on injury prevention for a quick and safe learning process.

However, it is highly suggested that if you focus on conditions, you s consult your doctor first before practicing yoga.

Learn More About ShapeShifter Yoga Program Visit Official Website

Shapeshifter Yoga Review Conclusion

There are many things that make the Shapeshifter Yoga program a great investment, especially when you consider you will pay less for it than you would for one yoga class.

Along with the purchase of the Shapeshifter Yoga flow and it’s 60-day, 100% money back guarantee, you also receive Kris Fondran’s educational training and research, as well as her expertise and instructional skills that have helped people around the world transform their bodies.

Now is our chance to let you know what we think about the Shapeshifter Yoga program. First of all, you can’t argue with the price point. At only $9, you receive a great yoga workout which requires very little additional costs. All you need is your body, a quiet place to practice, and a yoga mat.

The Shapeshifter Yoga program has been well planned for beginners. In fact, it is one of the best yoga programs available online for those new to yoga and/or exercise. Kris does an excellent job in preparing you for the Shapeshifter Flow with the longer instructional video in phase one.

We warn those with yoga experience that you will probably be bored with this program. Also, Kris uses some names for the yoga poses that may be confusing. For example, her “half moon” pose is different than the Half Moon pose you may have learned.

We do like that this program is based on reducing stress. Our society often rewards those with a hard working, A-type personality.  While hard work is good, it can negatively affected our health. More and more people are feeling the negative effects of living in such a fast-paced world. And intense interval training workouts that can run up to an hour long are just another harmful stress that we put on our body.

Everyone can benefit from adding some yoga into their lives. And with the Shapeshifter 10 minute flow, you’ll be given the perfect yoga program that you can take with you anywhere.

However, we do feel that this flow on its own is only one part of a healthier lifestyle. We strongly recommend that you combine this yoga flow with an existing exercise routine.

If you enjoy bodyweight workouts as much as we do, we strongly recommend adding the $18 Bodyweight Pilates program. Your chance to purchase this well rounded Pilates program at this low price will be offered as an add-on immediately after you purchase your Shapeshifter Yoga program.

The Bodyweight Pilates program will give you a better strength component than a simple yoga flow, along with more versatility and health benefits without having to buy any equipment.

Is Shapeshifter Yoga safe to use?

Kris Fondran’s program is safe to use even for everyone. In fact, this program is made for beginners with the latest scientific techniques, which are different from traditional exercise in a week.

Thus, it encourages you to achieve more magnificent health. It is a without risk workout exercise program especially if you are new to yoga.

It is an easy and safe program for YOU to enjoy results with all the amazing shapes and overall health benefits.

What should I keep in mind before starting the routine?

Ans. Wear comfortable clothing during your session for proper posture. Follow the instructions carefully, and stop if you feel the excessive strain or pain. Also, do not eat directly before (one hour or more), or after the yoga session.

Is Shapeshifter Yoga FDA approved?

Kris Fondren’s exercise plan helps you to attain your weight loss goals and ultimately be safe from harmful stress-related diseases.

Customers’ review shows that the exercise plan is 100% safe, sound, and secure with anti-aging weight loss steps. It’s manufactured in the USA and no harm full exercise steps  are includes that hits the writ of FDA

What do I require for the beginning?

Ans. You don’t need a lot. All you need are comfortable clothes, a mat, and a towel on the side. Other than that, you need to stay focused on the program.

What I Like About The Program

The body is thoroughly warmed up in the hour-long video with attention to toes, ankles, knees, hips, your hands and neck.

There is plenty of stretching of the quads which is one thing I find lacking in some workouts. The arms feel thoroughly worked too and there is a lot of attention to the back to keep the spine healthy.

Who can benefit from this program?

This ShapeShifter Yoga is beneficial for everyone irrespective of age and gender. However, it is specially designed for women.

Is Shapeshifter Yoga a Scam?

Kris Fondren program if not a scam. It gives you breathing consciousness properly and reduces your weight loss and fat burning process.

In this program, beginner to advanced techniques helps you to reduce your tension, stress, depression, anxiety. It also heals your shoulder pain, lower back pain, and other severe pains.

Learn More About ShapeShifter Yoga Program Visit Official Website

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