7 Days to Drink Less Alcohol Reduction Program review

7 Days to Drink Less Reviews

7 Days to Drink Less Alcohol Reduction Program review
7 Days to Drink Less Reviews

What is 7 Days to Drink Less?

The agencies released a report in May 2021 stating that they had “found evidence” that certain medications could trigger the brain’s reward system, which can be an important tool to combat alcohol addiction.

Antidepressants and other benzodiazepines are two examples of these medicines. Does 7 Days to Drink Less really work-study didn’t provide details about the drugs that were tested or the amount of each drug that could trigger addiction?

Alcoholics have tried many different kinds of treatment and medication for decades. But, until recently, there has been no breakthrough. A clinical trial recently announced a breakthrough in the treatment of alcohol 7 Days to Drink Less Book addiction.

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How The 7 Days to Drink Less Program Works

This program rearranges the mind to eliminate alcoholism. It promotes slow drinking and a healthy lifestyle. This concept means that if you want to continue drinking, you can do so by drinking less alcohol and improving your health.

“7 Days of Drinking” is for men and women of any age. It uses neuroplasticity techniques that change the way you use alcohol. Being an alcoholic starts first with practice. It is not easy to break the habit, so this program changes your mind and teaches you to enjoy small amounts of alcohol.

This program will help you learn how alcohol abuse is a habit. If you understand this, you may find it easier to control. In a matter of days, you may begin to feel the effects of addiction. You may feel like yourself again after the program.

7 Days to Drink Less Review – Who Should Use The Program?

The program is for both men and women who are

Binge Drinkers: Drinking four or more standard drinks in less than two hours for females and five or more drinks in less than two hours for males, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Heavy Drinkers: Females who consume 8 or more drinks per week, or a male who consumes 15 or more drinks per week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Have alcohol use disorders, according to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), such as:

  • Despite physical or psychological issues, you continue to drink.
  • When you don’t drink, you start to want it.
  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol’s effects
  • When you don’t drink, you have withdrawal symptoms.
  • consuming more alcohol than is planned for a longer length of time
  • Difficulty or inability to cut back on alcohol consumption
  • Investing a significant amount of time in acquiring, using, and recovering from alcoholism
  • Alcohol abuse that interferes with daily activities, such as at home, work, or school
  • Due to alcohol abuse, you may have to give up social, work, or leisure.

7 Days to Drink Less Review: Who Should Not Use The Program?

The program is not for those who:

  • Do not believe in a new psychological approach.
  • Are not resilient enough.
  • Want to make a significant change but do not want to invest time.

Who Created 7 Days to Drink Less?

Georgia Foster, an internationally renowned hypnotherapist, is the author of 7 Days to Drink Less. Georgia has worked as a clinical hypnotherapist and voice dialogue trainer for 25 years, is hailed as an alcohol reduction expert and has been featured in The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, Good Housekeeping, and many more.

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What Does the Program Include?

After you acquire the 7 Days to Drink Less program, you will receive several products:

  • The main ebook with 7 Proven Steps to Drink Less.
  • 5 audio downloads focused on hypnosis techniques.
  • The Drink Less Mind ebook and three related audio files.
  • One bonus audio downloads to reduce anxiety.
  • Three add-on programs made by the authors of Drink Less Mind Aftercare.
  • These products will help you to move through all the necessary steps to drink less. They will give you self-improvement tips, positive thinking tips, and an emotional drinking chart and talk about the dangers of drinking too much.
  • Also, they contain several steps that you need to take to train your mind to drink less and obtain the results that you want from this program.

Advantages Of The 7 Days to Drink Less Program

  • This program is for everyone with an alcohol craving and wants to destroy it. The program aids men and women of any age. You can get rid of this addiction.
  • The program is safe. It does not use aggressive methods or place you on diets or regimens that can ruin your health. This program uses simple techniques and does not contain supplements.
  • Overcoming alcohol addiction is pretty challenging. If you subscribe to this program, you can manage your addiction without hard work. You can reduce your alcohol addiction by 50%. This is an advantage of using this program.
  • Downloading the program on your gadgets is an advantage of using this program to battle your alcohol addiction. You can use it at your time and in your space.

Disadvantages of 7 Days to Drink Less

  • You can’t use this program if you suffer a severe case of addiction. Seek professional help if you suffer extreme alcoholism.
  • The program is only available online. It has no offline version. If you do not have enough access to the internet, you will not enjoy this program.

7 Days to Drink Less Reviews : Conclusion

7 Days to Drink Less is the world’s first program of its kind that teaches people a proven method that reshapes your thoughts and habits surrounding drinking. It’s 100% natural and can be used by anyone who wants to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume. And with a 97% success rate and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Does 7 Days to Drink Less really work?

The 7 Days To Drink Less is a reliable and most effective way that is helping so many people who are regularly using it and incorporating it in their lifestyles.

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Does the program come in a physical version?

No, the program is digital. This allows for quick and convenient access to the content whenever you need it, wherever you are and right on your own, personal tech devices.

Is the creator trustworthy?

The creator is a professional therapist and globally recognized hypnotist with over 20 years of experience. She has been featured on various media sites and organizes many workshops to assist individuals in changing their drinking habits.

Can 7 Days to Drink Less provide a long-term solution?

Yes. For people who have used it before, the 7 Days To drink less has provided them with a long-term solution if followed religiously. It is an effective program that works for long-term.

Who is 7 Days to Drink Less for?

7 Days to Drink Less is specifically made for people who have lost their hopes and have tried all possible ways to get away of the addiction in their lives.

Is there a one-time fee for the program?

Yes. The program has a one-time fee and is not billed on a recurrent basis.

Is the program safe?

The program uses a proven method that is approved by thousands of doctors, scientists and health professionals. It also has a 97% success rate and uses a natural approach (hypnosis). So, it should be safe for anyone to use.

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